Every Other Weekend: Review

Every Other Weekend: Review

Alex Brush Regular

Adam Moynihan’s life used to be awesome. Straight As, close friends and a home life so perfect that it could have been a TV show straight out of the 50s. Then his oldest brother died. Now his fun-loving mom cries constantly, he and his remaining brother can’t talk without fighting, and the father he always admired proved himself a coward by moving out when they needed him most.

Jolene Timber’s life is nothing like the movies she loves—not the happy ones anyway. As an aspiring director, she should know, because she’s been reimagining her life as a film ever since she was a kid. With her divorced parents at each other’s throats and using her as a pawn, no amount of mental reediting will give her the love she’s starving for. 

Forced to spend every other weekend in the same apartment building, the boy who thinks forgiveness makes him weak and the girl who thinks love is for fools begin an unlikely friendship. The weekends he dreaded and she endured soon become the best part of their lives. But when one’s life begins to mend while the other’s spirals out of control, they realize that falling in love while surrounded by its demise means nothing is ever guaranteed.

Alex Brush Regular

“My name is Jolene Timber, and I’m  a filmmaker. I’m not an aspiring filmmaker. I am one now, presently, currently.”

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

Wow. I am truly blown away by Every Other Weekend. Maybe it just came to me in a time when I really needed it, but this book was perfect for me. Both Adam and Jolene were so flawed, yet I rooted for them anyways. Adam was very angry, and Jolene was super judgmental, but once I read more, both characters opened up to one another and were able to see them for who they are on the inside. They felt so mature for 16, and I really appreciate the depth and consideration in their long conversation. It was truly endearing to read. 

If you are looking for some hard hitting, but endearing YA contemporary, definitely check out Every Other Weekend one it comes out!

e-arc provided by publisher on netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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