TTT: Authors Who Have a Fun Social Media Presence

For Top Ten Tuesday this week, the prompt is to showcase ten authors who fun fun social media presences! TTT is hosted by The Artsy Reader Girl, so be sure to check out her blog for reviews and future TTT prompts.

And without further ado, here are ten authors who have a super fun social media prescence (in no particular order):

1.Christine Riccio – Author of Again, But Better : This is probably the author with the biggest social media presence I follow, as Christine was a booktuber before she was even a published author! I’ve been watching her videos for years now, and she never fails to make me laugh with her videos. Definitely check out her channel if you’re looking for some fun bookish-content.

2. Sabaa Tahir- Author of the An Ember in the Ashes series: I adore the Ember series, and I’ve been following Sabaa for a couple years now and her Instagram stories are so entertaining! She puts on little skits about her books with an owl puppet, or even narrates mini stories about vegetables! And while she doesn’t post super often, I love them nonetheless. On her twitter, she posts more serious observations/comments on the publishing industry, author life, or anything in general. She is also a local author for me, and I’ve seen her at many book events, and she is suuuuper sweet in person! If she ever visits a bookstore near you, definitely go and hang out with her!

3. Morgan Matson – Author of Save the Date and Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour: I love all of Morgan’s books, and I love watching all her Instagram stories! She just posts a lot of life updates, hiking and Starbucks adventures, and her travels!

4. Adam Silvera – Author of Infinity Son, and They Both Die at the End: While I have only read TBDATE (and loved it!), I have been following Adam of Instagram for a while. He’s very active on his stories, and always posts life updates, or videos of his adorable dog, Lucie! He is also good friends with Sabaa, and they usually have writing deadline goals to accomplish together, which I find so cute.

5. Victoria Aveyard – Author of the Red Queen series: I adores Red Queen and all the other books when I read them, so of course I immediately followed her on Instagram. And while Victoria doesn’t post super often, but she travels fairly often and posts fun stories of her dog on Instagram.

6. Alice Oseman – Author of Heartstopper and Radio Silence: I only started following Alice recently after reading and obsessing over her books, but I already know she posts plenty updates on her Instagram! Just the other day she answered some questions from readers, and I found out that she hopes to publish 5 total volumes of Heartstopper! I can’t wait!

7. Stephanie Garber – Author of the Caraval trilogy: Stephanie is also a local author for me, and she is just the sweetest! She always reposts fan art and hosts so many amazing giveaways! Definitely follow her on Instagram!

8. Alexa Donne – Author of Brightly Burning: While I haven’t read Brightly Burning, I do love Alexa’s youtube channel! She has so many great videos with amazing tips on writing. Her videos are super helpful if you’re an aspiring writer, so check out her channel.

9. Nadine Brandes – Author of Romanov: Okay, so Romanov wasn’t my favorite book, but I still love Nadine’s bookstagram nonetheless! Her photos are gorgeous and her unboxing’s are super fun to watch!

10. C.G. (Cait) Drews – Author of A Thousand Perfect Notes and The Boy Who Steals Houses: I actually didn’t know Cait was an author for the longest time! I adore her bookstagram and blog, so when I found out she had written two books, I had to but them asap! Look out for a review soon!


  1. Oh, you’ve got a few on here that I totally forgot about! I absolutely *LOVE* Alexa Dunne’s YouTube channel. She’s one of my go-tos for advice, as soon as she posts a video. I didn’t love Romanov, either, but Nadine Brandes seems like a lovely person in general, and she’s funny, so I enjoy following her, as well! See, this is why I tend to separate the book from the author in my mind. Authors are great. Books aren’t always. Or sometimes, but less often, vice versa.

    Here’s my TTT post.


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