Guest Post: Anna And The French Kiss Series

Hey everyone! I recently buddy read the Anna and the French Kiss trilogy with some lovely gals on Instagram (follow me @emeliesbooks), and we decided to each review one of the books! This buddy read was so fun, so I’ll definitely be doing more in the future! If you wanna buddy read something together, just DM me on insta, and we can work something out. Also go and follow Callie @artsy_bibliophile (here’s her Goodreads) cause she is amazing and has great reviews!

Anna And The French Kiss- Review by Callie:

This book made me very conflicted. On one hand, I absolutely loved St Clair and totally was shipping him with Anna. On the other hand, I couldn’t quite get completely behind St Clair. He obviously didn’t have a great relationship with Ellie anymore. His isn’t communicating well with her, because if things hadn’t been working between them for a while and he is obviously in love with Anna YET he and Ellie are still together, that just shows bad communication skills on possibly both of their parts, if not just St Clair’s. It’s kind of hard to get a good read of the situation as we didn’t see much of how he interacted with Ellie, but from what we got, that it my read on it. If he didn’t have good communication skills with Ellie, heck he even technically cheated on her, what makes you think he will have a better relationship with Anna? I do give some points off because they are young, young people have to make mistakes to learn. I completely understand that. If the mistakes hadn’t acknowledged and learnt from I would not have been able to get behind St Clair and his and Anna’s relationship at all. However, they were acknowledged and they were learnt from (we see more of that in Lola and the Boy Next Door) so I did end up liking St Clair. I don’t think the whole situation after St Clair and Anna kissed was handled well at all. Though, again, they are young, young people need to make mistakes to learn from them, you only really have a problem if you don’t learn from your mistakes. I kind of wish that the issue I had with St Clair was resolved earlier so I was able to actually fully appreciated and love his character in this book, but ultimately, I did enjoy the read and would recommend it if you are looking for a quick cute romance.

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