Four Days of You And Me: Review

Rating: 2 out of 5.

I’ve read a couple books by Miranda Kenneally in the past and enjoyed them well enough, but when I heard about this one, I was immediately hooked by the synopsis. I was really intrigued by the fact that is took place over four years, but mainly focused on one day each year, which was an annual school field trip. You do get snippets of Lulu and Alex’s relationship between the field trip days throughout all of high school, but the majority takes place over four days (hence the title :P). 

Things I liked:

  • I loved all the places Alex and Lulu go to on their school trips! From a science measure to London, they made great backdrops to their relationship. I loved how you also got to see how their relationship was different each year, and by the three-quarter mark, I was so excited for the senior year field trip to see if they finally got together!
  • I loved all the side characters! Not only do you get to see the main characters grow and change, but all of their friends too! Their interpersonal relationships were also super sweet, and I almost wish that we got their perspectives too

Things I didn’t like:

  • The main character, Lulu, got really annoying really fast. She was always complaining, and while it got better as she got older, I was still rolling my eyes at her reactions the majority of the book.
  • I also didn’t love Alex, the love interest. He was kind of a dick, and I didn’t feel like he changed by the end of the book. He would put Lulu down for little things she did, and he felt too controlling for it to be a healthy relationship. 
  • In addition to not liking the main characters, the book suggested there was some mild cheating, and it’s never properly addressed.
  • The plot never felt like it escalated. The climax towards the end came out of nowhere, but it also didn’t feel like that big of lesson for the characters to learn such a lesson from, and it left me annoyed. 

Overall, I think my expectations were too high for Four Days of You and Me, and there were too many little things that really got on my nerve


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