Review: The Princess Will Save You

“True love is the most powerful force on this earth- we just forget it because those with power here deal in fear rather than love.”

This book was a wild ride! I absolutely adored the idea of a gender bent/ feminist retelling of The Princess Bride and this book delivered. 

Things I liked:

  • The Princess Will Save You was a faithful retelling of The Princess Bride. It had the perfect blend of events inspired by the movie and its own plot points.
  • I loved all the characters! Luca was such a sweet love interest and Amarande is such a strong but also flawed character. Their love was so sweet and I loved how they always made sure the other was consenting to their affections. Luca’s a cinnamon roll, which is one of my favorite male character types. The two of them had me swooning the whole book!
  • I also adored the side characters! Ula and the other “kidnappers” were so much fun and their playful arguing had me laughing! Their character arcs were super fun, and I was rooting for them the entire book.
  • I also loved the cliffhanger ending! That reveal in the epilogue was super unexpected, and now I need book 2!!

“Survive the battle, see the war.”

Things I didn’t like:

  • I wish we saw more of Amarande and Luca falling in love in the beginning. Their feelings for one another felt forced in the beginning because when the book starts, they are already in love. I wish there had been scenes where we saw them care more for each other, and have them falling more in love, but by the halfway point I did believe in their devotion to one another. Maybe having flashbacks to back when they were children would have been nice

Overall, I loved this book and will be not so patiently waiting for the sequel! If you loved the Princess Bride, you won’t want to miss The Princess Will Save You!

“Luca swallowed the blood in his mouth and looked right into the girl’s eyes… ‘My princess won’t bow to your demands. But what she will do is come for me, which means she’s coming for you, whether I’m alive or not.’

‘The princess will save you. Yes, yes, that’s right. That’s how all the storybooks go.'”


  1. I have been seeing this book around for a while but just realized it is a retelling of The Princess Bride. I grew up watching that movie with my family so I have to read this now! I’m so glad to hear that you loved it!

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