Blog Tour: The Crow Rider

Hey friends! I am super pumped to be sharing my post for The Crow Rider Blog Tour! In this post you’ll learn about the book, author and my thoughts. There’s also a giveaway at the end, so keep reading to enter!

About the Book:

Princess Thia, her allies, and her crow, Res, are planning a rebellion to defeat Queen Razel and Illucia once and for all. Thia must convince the neighboring kingdoms to come to her aid, andRes’s show of strength is the only thing that can help her.

But so many obstacles stand in her way. Res excels at his training, until he loses control of his magic, harming Thia in the process. She is also pursued by Prince Ericen, heir to the Illucianthrone and the one person she can’t trust but can’t seem to stay away from.

As the rebel group prepares for war, Res’s magic grows more unstable. Thia has to decide if she can rely on herself and their bond enough to lead the rebellion and become the crow rider she was meant to be.

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About the Author:

Kalyn Josephson currently works as a Technical Writer in the tech industry, which leaves room for too many bad puns about technically being a writer. Though she grew up in San Luis Obispo, California, she graduated from Santa Clara University with a degree in Biology and a degree in English (Creative Writing). Currently, she lives in the Bay Area with four awesome friends (because it’s the Bay Area and she’d like to be able to retire one day) and two black cats (who are more like a tiny dragon and an ever tinier owl). THE STORM CROW is her debut novel.


Rating: 3 out of 5.

I really loved The Storm Crow, so I was excited to see how the duopoly would end! And even though I didn’t enjoy the second book as much as the first one, The Crow Rider is a solid and satisfying conclusion to the story.

Things I liked:

  • Ericen! He was by far my favorite character! I loved him becoming the main romantic interest because he was my preferred choice from book one (no shade to Caylus). I loved the slow burn, and the lengths he went to to get Thia to trust him. They are just such a cute couple 🙂
  • I liked the continued depiction of mental health, specifically depression. Part of the reason I loved the first book was because of the way the author wrote Thia’s depression as a result of losing her mother. It felt so real, and the journey to recovery was not an easy one. In this book, This still gets her dark thoughts, but she is in such a better metal state (surrounded by people who love her), that she is able to continue healing. It was amazing to read
  • I loved ALL the characters in this series. While they weren’t the most developed, I felt like they all were fun to read and learn about, and have such personality that you feel you know them. I especially loved reading about all the other kingdoms that This sought an alliance with

Things I didn’t like:

  • When I first started The Crow Rider, I found myself confused and struggling to remember all the things that had happened in the first book, and I didn’t really feel like I knew exactly what was happening until about 35% into the book. I wish there had been a little more recap, and more development so I didn’t have to struggle to remember what the characters were referencing.
  • When I finically did get into the story, I found myself wishing for more world and character development. While there was action, politics, and lots of battle scenes, the book left a lot to still be desired. The only character I was really invested in was Ericen, and he wasn’t in a ton of scenes.

Overall, this was a satisfying conclusion to the duology, and I had a fun time with the story while it lasted.

Favorite Quotes:

“But we have to move forward, and that means facing the problems we have now, the ones we can still do something about.”

“I wanted to disappear, To sink into a quiet darkness alone, where my own mind could no longer haunt me.”

“You only fail if you stop trying. Never stop fighting.”


To enter to win your own hardcover copy of The Crow Rider, click the link here or the image below to enter:

There is also an additional giveaway on my Instagram (@emelisbooks), so go and enter that giveaway!

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